Thursday, March 31, 2011

Rodeo Ridin

Beautiful spring day today. Rode both my horses and my big boy, Chance, behaved better than any prior spring season. Of course, he was full of spring and oats and wanted to pace and move out, so I let him. He pulls his head down and up and I let him till he gets it out of his system. He prances and dances and I laugh. He is a much better horse than he used to be. He still plays with his antics but he respects me and it's mutual, so we get on just fine. I don't have to "cowboy" him. I just have to let him be him and I'm no longer afraid of him and he knows it so we just have fun. I stop him and he stands there, looks backwards and sideways at me until I lean forward slightly and off he goes again. It so makes me laugh.

The funniest part was my mare. She is generally the most docile, slow moving horse ever. Duh, duh, duh, duh...down the trail. Usually being the keyword. Today she had to follow two paced Icelandics. They are gaited and move at a good clip, especially in spring. Their pace is Gracie's lope. She rodeod all the way down the trail. Never seen her do that before. Twist, buck, turn. ears back, head shaking back and forth. I was bareback but don't come unseated. I have my balance after all these years. It just makes me laugh. But it was a bit of a ride and I'll be a bit sore tomorrow, I figure. Good. Like moving my body. Love being outside. Love riding most of all, without being bundled up like a Muslim woman.

Grand day. Good ride with good friends.

And then raked the yard with my dog, Rodeo, out with me. She stayed out of the street even when another dog ran over and across. Good dog. Love her too. Love my animals. They are so much more fun than people sometimes....especially people who pop you in the mouth and give you a fat lip...hahaha. YOU know who you are!!!

ANNNNDDDD..tomorrow, it's spose to snow again. Ok then. That's ok. It's nearly over. My flower bulbs are showing above frozen ground. So, it's close...and I'm happy enough.

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