Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Puppies and summer storms

So, I finally got my puppy, Rodeo, an English Shepherd, named by 3 year old little girl, Adela Rose. She is the smartest dog I've ever owned and I've owned dogs since I left home at 16. They've all been great dogs, but this one is sooo bright....she's only been here 3 days and knows come, sit, stay, kennel up, more. And she has puppy breath and soft, soft fur and kisses.

I've also had the pleasure of teaching 3 little girls to ride in the last few weeks. They all can now steer and ride bareback on their a trot. Their faces? Priceless. My joy, insurmountable. Never able to have my own children. Love children and animals most of all. The sheer essence of them is pure joy...and wide eyes.

It makes me so happy to be alive.

Tornadoes and storms have been ripping through the area. It's a crap shoot nearly every day. But so far, so good. Like storms if they don't turn to tornadoes. Afterall, who needs tornadoes???

Nothin else really matters..I've been getting things done around here and teaching my pup and just livin and loving. That's what matters.

Sunday, June 20, 2010


Deleted last posting. Simply spillage over the edges and too raw and private. Things are good. As good as it gets I think. Get my new pup, Rodeo tomorrow. English Shepherd. Looking forward to training. Lots of work but rewarding and dogs are great companions. Smoking less...near to quitting. Time will come.

Summertime. Wish I could garden but hand won't allow.

Fun with kids and horses and this and that.

Friday, June 11, 2010

I Like Living

So, went to Mayo Clinic and had a whole battery of tests done and they say I'm in EXCELLENT health exccept for smoking which will imminently and quickly lead to heart attack if I don't stop. No wiggle room, says the doc. So, I have on a patch and am quitting. I'm determined this time. I want to smoke but I don't want to die young, so there you go. Still, it's very annoying at the moment. Am sequestered until I get over the intial anger, frustration, denial, temptations, etc. Gack.

Otherwise, life is good. Mom and I have become The Bickersons. Staying with her in a hotel room for 4 days was well, a bit trying though we laughed about it at the end of the day. She has some major issues, which one does at 80. She's really pretty good but that's not her attitude nor perception of it. I just listen and take deep breaths. She gives me LOTS of advice...well intentioned but as if I was born a couple hours ago.

Went to go riding today and as soon as I got there it started pouring rain. 10 minutes after I got all the way back home, it stopped. Of course it did.

I'm irritable and am going to take a nap now.

It will pass.

Going to Arizona to meet with friends in the my favorite Apache Lake.

Something to look forward to.

Anybody out there??
Besides hackers?

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Some summer fun..

I haven't been on in awhile. Somebody from China has been hacking in and posting flippin porn sites on my blog. Sorry, I have a REAL life and you should get one too. Stay outta my space....

Hot fun in the sum rtime. Been blue blazes here but flowers are in full bloom and birds and deer and bunnies are all havin their babies. New life everywhere and the cacophony of song and breezes playing through the leaves. Wake in the mornings to song and light.

Horses are happily swishing their tails and grazing and love riding out into the woods. I feel my body relax as I breathe and feel their muscles as they loosen. Then off to a canter with red tails and deer flying alongside down the fruit belt, speed increasing each time I make the kiss-kiss sound. I so adore the feeling of it.

Looking forward to going out in my horsey Hilton soon. Have to take my mother to Mayo Clinic first...hopefully all will turn out well there. I don't do doctors but while there will  have them do a thorough once over. Never done that. Guess I'm interested to see how my body is faring at 53. I feel grand. T'is why I don't do doctors. They tell you what's wrong. What you don't know I guess can hurt you but hasn't so far.

Meanwhile, I'll enjoy being happy and alive and off to ride.