Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Battle Park, Big Horns, Wyoming

Magic weekend in the Big Horn Mountains. Rode to 11,000 feet to overlook Solitude Lake. So quiet you could hear the waterfall 5 miles away. Not even a bird chirping, just the clouds floating on air. Crossing rivers and rocks. Galloping on my horse Chance for the first time and second gear is quick! Rode 20 miles in 3 days. Love being in the middle of nowhere with no place else to go. Dogs, horses, living in my cedar lined trailer. Watching movies at night and the moon rise and set in the early morning. Horse whinnying telling me it's time to get up, have coffee and give them hay and feed. Brush them down, saddle up, and go out for the day, picnic packed in saddle bags. Meander here, there, till I get lost and the horse finds its way home. Nothing better.