Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Why write if no one reads...

Ah well, cause I like to write I guess. Time passes, yes, quickly, though I've learned to downshift some and take it in more slowly.

Christmas was a quiet affair, spent mostly sleeping, cooking, eating breakfast and snacks in bed, watching Tolkien, cuddling, napping...did I mention not getting out of bed except for Christmas dinner at mom's? I took Derby Pie, a delicious chocolate chip, chopped walnuts, bourbon, eggs, creamy mixture that you can only eat a smidgeon of. I forgot it actually and had to drive 20 miles back to get it and will be reminded of how I ruined dinner by being late for years to come, I am certain. But it was all good...

I got enough money to pay off bills and get new tires which I needed badly, having trucked over off road terrain out west, literal boulders I ran over to get to the tippy top of the Big Horns, 11,000 feet and my place of bliss with my horses having picnics overlooking faraway places without inhabitants and wonders such as Solitude Lake way down there in the depths of a canyon.

Sunny here and bitter cold and I have ear problems but I'm inside, warm and happy enough.

My Cowboy, Hans Anderson

Rodeo beaching it in December
I have a new man in my life, for about 4 months now. He lives a few hours away so we see each other on weekends. He is a farmer's son, from generations back and works in a stockyard....and wonders how he'll find propane to fuel his heat and gas to visit his new love...me. He is kind hearted, hard working, and dirt poor living in his grandmother's trailer with a cat named Harold and a blind and deaf Aussie cowdog named Jack who still wags his tail and rolls in the snow while my pup dances around him....said pup Rodeo is growing up fast and is now 9 months old.

Got lots of cards from old students, some telling me they've now been married for 20 years and the kids are in college. Life....it's amazing and quick.

I enjoy it all, mostly anyways.

Cheers to anyone passing this way and Happy New Year with all blessings.