Friday, July 17, 2009

Bouncing after butterflies and dancing with waterhoses

Sometimes life is just fun and funny if you get on with it. It's damned hot here. How hot is hot? The water coming out of the hose is as hot as a shower you would NOT step into. The faded cedar boards on the deck are too hot to step on barefoot, though I do and just get over it mentally. The temptation to sprinkle one's toes while watering plants leads to pinching back and watering simultaneously and a light showering over the head, enough to partially soak my t-shirt. I start laughing and playing and it becomes one of those wonderful life moments..on a day I didn't wanna walk out there in the 100 plus degrees heat. I have already mucked stalls and cleaned water tanks and fed horses extra hay and put up a new salt block and natural fly spray three times, an apple visit, switch pastures, etc. It's fun stuff, but damned hot and not probably not something most people would like, but I don't mind. Chop wood, carry water, look a horse in the eye...rub your hand over their face and have them nuzzle you.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch, the young English Springer, Pete, literally springs out the door and starts hopping and dancing and spinning, as he is known to do. Suddenly I look up and he's bouncing with a yellow butterfly and it's flippin hilarious. What a great thing to catch. Like watching a real live Tigger. I laughed out loud.

My plane was cancelled inadvertently and airlines could care less. I am stuck for another 6 days after postponing 10 already due to stupid flu and series of antibiotics. So I make the best of it and watch dogs chase butterflies and play with the hose. It IS summer.


Thinking of you out friends.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Pause for Breath

Well, sometimes one feels like writing, has time and something to say. Then you have to go life a bit of life fully before returning. And if you get out of the "habit" of writing every day, you're not really writing, you're just playin and spewing, I imagine. That's ok with me. Sorry dear readers, all two of you. Sigh.

I continue to be amazed at the beauty of this new place, this Big Sky Montana that I am beneath.

I audibly comment at the sunrises, sunsets, cloud formations, storms that blow in like an angry Northern Norse and ominous, winds up to 60 mph from zero. Rain that sounds like pitchforks and hammer handles.

And the mosquitoes will carry you off, draw blood through jeans. And oh are they plentiful. I had heard that about Alaska, but had no idea it was like that in Montana. Downside.

The horseback riding is fabulous, early mornings before the heat comes. The smell of sage and pine. The vistas. The birdsong. The attention to the moment, going up and down canyons and crossing steep knolls. My horses are muscled and happy to be out, maybe more than I am. Nah. I'm the one riding.

I go home in two days and will be pleased to be in my own bed. see my friends and family, go to the Big Lake, be HOME home. For a week. Not long enough probably but maybe too long. Never know. I know I like having my very own retreat that is my comfort. Always weird being there without my little dog Abbey though. She's gettin old now.

Here's a pic of a cowboy with his little dog on his tractor. It drew an AWWW, outta me and I grabbed the camera. I see stuff every day here that's indigenous to this area and it's just fun and different, like all places in their own way....