Sunday, July 11, 2010

Me Time..

I find I cannot live without my own time to myself to do whatever I please, without having to engage with anyone or deal with anyone else's issues or be obligated. Just time to be quiet or ride my horse through the woods and listen to nature. The wind speaks through the trees. The horses whinny back and forth. The birds have calls I can distinguish one from another. The fox are stealthy. The deer are day sleeping in to escape the heat. I ride and then shower and then read and then cook and then nap sometimes or garden or write or whatever I please. I like being on my own. I get irritable when I have company too often or for too long. I want them to go home and take their little dog too. My puppy needs her time right now without interference or other dogs around to distract. Bringing a dog over to visit and for a "play date" is one thing. Bringing a dog over for two days and nights and a dog who shits on the floor is another. Get out.

It's hot and I'm irritable and glad to be here on my own right now. I need to rethink some things. Why do relationships have to get so complicated? Why can't it just be fun and not so serious. I mean, really!

We're grown....and we have lives of our own and do NOT have to be attached at the hip all the time.

Phew. Glad I got that out.

Friday, July 2, 2010

Teaching and learning naturally

Rodeo continues to learn through every moment, ever present and intent. The teaching is playful, sometimes stern but only in tone of voice and well understood. I introduce her to new things. Fetch and drop can be distinguished between tug of war. Stay and "it's ok" are familiar and known words. "I see you" said in an uplifting tone gets a tail wagging bouncing pouncing come hither response...and laughter from me. She thrives on attention. She is learning her "house" is not such a bad place though not her favorite. She likes the cold dark of my long bathroom, the cool tile to stretch out on. Still have to crate her now and again though if gone riding or for an extended amount of time. Don't yet trust her with cords, though she's learning plants and cords and such are a definite "NO", to which she immediately responds with ears back and tail down and ok then!

She's a joy. She lays in the yard while I pull weeds though is still too timid to follow to mailbox at end of drive..which is a good thing. Cars and street.

Teaching to me is joyful, easy, and natural. It is the same with children. Set boundaries. Be consistent. Be loving and attentive,. Pay attention. Establish trust and relationship. Take the time. Learn and teach seamlessly.

Anyways, it's good fun.

Mostly she brings laughter and love every day...and who doesn't need that?