Monday, March 28, 2011

Kids, kites, bikes and life

So, I helped a 4 year old ride a two wheel bike for the first time and get up after he scraped his knees and ride again. Then we flew a kite. Then he fell asleep with one leg up and was snoring. Children are an elixir to me. They bring pure joy, truly. Maybe cause I don't have my own but I find them real magic and they cure my soul which breaks when I hear "oh yeah, btw, we're staying in Libya and Afghanistan". No shit? I want to shoot the tv. It won't help..but kids, horses, dog, kites and bikes and near spring offer some hope...some. I worry about the children. What have we done? How stupid can we be, really?

But happy is what this post is meant to be, mainly cause of this precious boy...
he was snoring when i took this picture. Toooo funny!


  1. Personally, I think shooting the TV is a very sane, measured response. But then I'm not noted as an expert on either 'sane' or 'measured'...

  2. Hey, ginny - I'm changing email address from my old ozemail account to a new gmail one. The ozemail will stay in place for a while yet, so if you don't get my email to your aol account with the new gmail address in it, please let me know.

    Meanwhile... I've kind of presumed on your goodwill, and had a really nifty little present for my daughter shipped to your address. It cannot yet be had in Australia, but it's inexpensive and completely, utterly perfect for her, so I'm hoping I can convince you to post it onwards, in exchange for something cool out of Tasmania...

  3. no probs, Dirkest. My pleasure to please the little Mau Mau.