Wednesday, April 6, 2011

My fellow Americans: More than a FB soundbyte post

Ok, preface. I too have been sucked into the vortex and pass no judgment on anyone.

Americans have been conditioned to spend more than they have and to believe in consumerism and that money equals happiness. We are spoiled, arrogant, empirialist and feel we are entitled and have bought into some obscene idea of democracy that doesn't and hasn't existed for ages.

I watch as people spend waaay too much for Christmas, a holiday I used to love and not just cause of presents, but family and the smell of fresh pine and homemade gifts or none.

Then they stress. The new TV was grand and everybody was happy for a nanosecond. Maybe a new car will fix it...

And then comes tax season and insurance payments and all the bills.

And everybody flips out.

It has been this way for as long as I have been alive. I cannot remember when i last got money back. I am ok with paying to live in a country that used to be one I recognized as humane.

But really, is the SAME every year. it is built in cultural. It is fish in water who cannot transition to a new way of being where everything isn't quite so easy....yet still more privileged than most.

Be grateful. Listen to the birds in the morning if they don't annoy you cause of a hangover or if you're not a morning person.

find something, anything, to be happy about.

Or  you are just plain missing all of it....everything that matters.
Pay your taxes and live and love and shut the hell up and be grateful.

Says me.

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  1. Even here, the Christmas thing annoys hell out of me. And we don't get snow or fresh piney smells!

    Taxes? Well, someone has to pay for roads, schools, hospitals. We all use 'em.