Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Compose a life..in the beginning of the solstice

So, going to Chicago with a schoolfriend from elementary..known her since she was in pigtails and I was in halter tops and ripped jeans and barefoot, a brattin kid. I was best friends with her older sister. She always told on us cause we didn't want her hanging round. Funny how life turns out. We are now fast friends and I no longer see her sister...long story. Love her but...

VIP comp. tickets to Jonny Lang, a great blues artist if you don't know of him, at the House of Blues with a private opera balcony seating with curtains and a private waitress, or maybe a cute waiter. Looking down on the fray and sittin in comfort and jammin to some good music...and laughing and drinking and frolicking and dancin in place, I'm certain.

Lots of time ridin the train into the "Big City" for remembering the old days and catching up on the "new" news. we only live 20 miles apart and love each other but she's been being a mom, a bank teller and a wife and life happens. Haven't seen her in a couple years. Haven't been to Chicago in as long and adore it as a "city." The architecture alone is amazing, the history, the venues, the choices..the views.
The House of Blues was designed after the Opera House in Prague. I have been there as well, drinking and dancing the polka with a room full of beer drinking, thumping men who didn't speak a lick of English. Paper and drawings and laughter worked well enough. And music and dancin. Workin class men. It was just after they opened the border to foreign tourists...and we were young, pretty American girls. We had us a time. But the art inside that building, one of the first in Europe and one of the only ones not to be obliterated during WWII with bombs. The architecture and style. And House of Blues has caught it perfectly. It's fabulous. Like a mini trip to Prague...which I hear is now the mecca for artists and poets and musicians of the "New Age". I'd like the be "New Age" rather than "Old Age" perhaps but it's all good. Let em have their day, I say.
It's fun to watch and be through the confusing parts.

We're staying at The Drake, only cause I got an amazing value on it and taking the train in. My grandparents took me there first as a little baby girl so many fond memories there as well..and great, I mean the BEST clam chowder ever and homemade cheese rolls.

Might ride the ferris wheel over Lake Michigan. Never done that one.

It IS a ride, and seeing my dad sick and my mom not well and so on...and friends too..well, it makes one feel really, truly blessed.

Happy Summer's Day to all . Have all Summer in a Day...and enjoy it.

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