Thursday, October 20, 2011

Time to write; More fun than painting walls or listening to automated phone messages

Rainy days. Good for curling up under a blanket by a blazing fire. Read, snack, cuddle, and I'll leave the rest to your imaginative minds. Weather doesn't phase me much. I go with it. It's not like I can change it. 3" of rain in two days. Whoosh. Raining hammer handles and pitchforks. Rivers flooding the banks. Makes me happy to be safe and warm and dry and yeah, blessed. Glad I cut and stacked wood a week ago. Just in time. Have some already weathered to burn now. And got the pesky tree down that was making it very difficult to back in my 53 ft. rig, truck and 4 horse trailer, down my 100 yard driveway. Took out some rocks and branches now and again. Left tracks in neighbor's lawn..nothing major but you'd think so. Only way I can get the angle right to back up. Tricky, that, fifth wheel hitches and backing up long rigs.

Ok, just blathering. I ate all the cookie packages for the trick or treaters. Guess I'm the wicked witch this year and will pretend not to be home. My drive is so long and dark and back in the woodsies where the ghoulies live, I don't get many kids anyways.

Good treats tho!

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